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North Idaho Centennial Trail

In search of a place to bike or hike between majestic hills and peaceful rivers? Then it’s time to visit Idaho’s Centennial Trail!

About Centennial Trail

Perfect for bikers and casual walkers, the historic Centennial Trail is a 30-mile scenic track that’s easy and smooth to navigate. It’s a long road designed to cover diverse places, making it a holistic adventure choice for everyone.

What makes this trail different from other spots is besides being a long route, it embodies culture, heritage, and many things you want to learn along the way. Later on, as we share the history of this spot, you might feel more urge to give it a visit.

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Idaho Centennial Trail Highlights

As you pass by various towns, you see fellow walkers enjoying the fresh air and bikers and maybe even skateboarders cruising along on a sunny day. It’s a 10-foot wide trail, so it has just enough space for sojourners. Essentially, it’s a calm place, so it’s far from the usual busy city roads we have more often.

Idaho’s Centennial Trail is a combination of a mountain vibe with streams and bodies of water. You’ll see forests and farms, maybe even a moose or a deer!

Also be sure to check out Tubbs Hill and Higgens Point while you’re in the area for hiking and scenic views!

Of course, at some point in your trip, you may find the need to refresh or take a rest from cycling. And to cope with that, the path has benches all along the route, perfect for taking a break. What’s better is the various food shops you can enjoy while sitting and enjoying the scene!

How to get there

Being over 30-miles long, the Centennial Trail has several trailheads to serve as your start point. So, you can plot a route that suits your capacity and time frame. Here’s a link to a helpful Google map of the trail.

One of the best trailheads you’d want to start on is at Machias. What’s good about this spot is it gradually becomes more scenic the longer you traverse the route. From a simple child-friendly place, you’ll reach less popular or unnamed spaces that are gems to your eyes.

If you want to experience the entire length of the trail, you can start at Higgens Point in Coeur d’Alene and finish at the Idaho-Washington state line. The Centennial Trail has around ten other trailheads, and that makes it super convenient for anyone searching for starting points options. All you need is to check on the track’s map and pick your desired starting location.

Centennial Trail History

The Centennial Trail is not only an avenue for relaxation and recreation. It also has a rich historical background, making it a perfect cultural spot.

This trail started in 1987, with the first five miles opening in October 1990. The trail’s completion happened in 1996 when the Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene finally connected. 

In 1999, Hillary Clinton transformed the spot into a Millenium Legacy Trail. After three years, artist David Clemons installed the Leopold statue at the Higgens Point and the Kate statue at Idaho’s border.

Why We Love This Place

Places like the Centennial Trail has rich history and is well maintained. It will never disappoint people eager to get out and bike, hike and learn about Northern Idaho.

There are plenty of vacation homes nearby! Why not stay close and get some hiking and biking in on your next trip to Cd’A? This trail is a top choice for recreation and its scenic views around Coeur d’Alene. So, if you ever pass by Idaho, never miss a chance to drop by this place and feel amazed by the fusion of nature and history!

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